How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business Blog For Free


Twitter and business can be mutually beneficial. You can promote your business blog using twitter very easily and for free. Recently I started promoting my business blog using twitter, and I see a quantifiable increase in visits to my blog.

If you are in any business with a blog or if you are a business planning to start a blog in some time to increase your sales, then this article will tell you how you can use twitter for business. There is no cost involved, at least for now, and there is no extra work to do, except a one-time signup. You continue to post in your blog as you have been doing; just integrate your blog with twitter, and see a leap in site visits, which you can count.

Everyone says twitter is a great tool to promote your business. I thought so as well. I came to twitter about two year years ago and posted some tweets about the business I was doing at that time. I tried to understand it, did some tweets, got some followers, and followed most of them back.

I had about 500+ followers, and I followed about 500 people on twitter. However, things seemed to be confusing, and I had no idea about how I can use it in my favor. I was no more using twitter frequently, and my account was a kind of dormant account for a long time. Once I got a blog to promote my writing business, I again started wondering seriously how I can use twitter to promote my writing business.

You will find a lot of paid training program, free training program, video training program, and e-books on the internet on how to use twitter to promote your business. The free training programs will ask you to join in exchange of your email ID and other details so that they can put you on their auto-responder email series and promote their products.

I usually stay away from such free programs as they distract me from my focus – writing for me, writing for the clients, and acquiring new clients. However, by this time one thing was clear to me: If I can post my blog posts automatically to twitter, then it will help me to promote my business.


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