Understanding how Instagram Works

Understanding how Instagram Works

The new generation is so into social media that the older generations are starting to adapt to it as well. With social media becoming a part of everyone’s life and culture more and more people are becoming interested in becoming a part of it. When it comes to which platform you would want to be a part of the options actually go on a long list with Facebook, twitter and Instagram taking the top spots. If you would like to express your thoughts in the form of photos then Instagram would be the best partner for you but if you want a more opinionated audience then you can head to twitter and Facebook if you want just a little of everything.

Among the social media platforms, the easiest to understand is Instagram. Whether or not you are using Instagram for business the concept of how to use it remains the same. You could be thinking to buy Instagram followers. Instagram became popular and rose to fame in 2011 when Facebook was already dominating the scene. Instagram grew in popularity and now have millions of people in its network with probably billions of photos in its database.

how Instagram works

For starters, setting up your Instagram account should be easy. You can link it to your email and other social media accounts. You will have to set a username and a password. Once you have signed up you need to search for other people’s accounts that you would like to follow. You can start searching for people you know. The posts of the people you are following will be the posts that you will see in your dashboard.

The second part of the setup is for you to select your profile picture. This could be a photo of yourself or a logo if you are using Instagram for your business this is a very beneficial marketing tool. You can also add a short description about your profile this could be tiny tidbits and facts about your personally, or this could include contact numbers and link to your website for entrepreneurs.

Now you may be asking how do people interact and find each other on Instagram. The question is answered by 3 concepts: Hashtags likes and comments. Hashtags are searchable keywords in Instagram. They are used to catalog the photos according to a specific category or tag. For example, if you use the hashtag “#travelgoals” anyone who searches for that keyword will display your post along with other posts of the same hashtag.

Instagram has the capability similar to Facebook where you can like, share and comment on anybody’s post. This means that people can easily express their interest and opinions with each other by using this feature.