How to Write an Article: 3 Tips Entrepreneurs Can Follow



You are a web entrepreneur, and you need some articles written fast. The writer that you work with is awfully busy and will not be able to write for you for the next 7-10 days. However, you feel waiting till then will not be a good decision, and you are wondering whether you should write your articles on your own. You have the full idea about the keywords you want to stress on, and you have an overall idea about the topic you would like to write. However, once you are in front of your computer, you are not sure how to start. If this is the case for you, just read below to get a good idea about how to write some articles on your chosen topic.

  1. Fast Tips Articles:

People are always looking for tips to get something done fast. Therefore, in your article you can offer to elaborate some tips on how to do that particular task fast. Good examples are “Lose Belly Fat Fast: 3 Tips to Trim Your Tummy” and “Blog: Before You Start Your Blog, 3 Tips to Avoid Disaster.”

We usually use two to three tips in an article. Benefit of writing ‘tips’ article is that once you complete your first article, you can write new articles expanding each tips you offered in the first article. To get relevant and targeted traffic, you should front-load the keyword on which the article is being written.

Frontloading essentially means using the keyword at the very beginning of the title. It helps the article to be easily found in the search engine and read.

  1. How to Articles:

People search for ‘How To’ articles online, thus they bring in lots of traffic. For example, if you have an e-book that details how someone can earn a second income working one hour on their home PC, you can write an article with the title ‘How to Earn a Great Income Working Part-Time.’

You should remember that articles that are posted in Ezines or other sites are mere advertisements. Thus you should be cautious about not giving too much of information. If too much of information is given for free in an article, then the reader will never buy the product for which the article is being written. We should remember that writing article is not a free public service, its main purpose is to motivate the reader to buy a product or to visit a particular website link.

  1. Why You Should Articles:

You can write articles which tell people why they should be, do, or have something. These articles do very well to motivate people to buy something. For example, articles with titles ‘Weight Loss: 5 Reasons You Should Start A Weight Loss Program’ or ‘Computer Virus: 3 Reasons You Need an Anti-Virus Program’ will be read by many and appreciated because of the service that it renders to the readers who are looking for such information.

There are many other tips to write good articles. I will talk about them later. Keep coming here and happy writing!