Less Learning Content for More Money?



Okay, if you’re the one person on this planet being asked to do less with more as opposed to more with less, I seriously want to read the book that you should seriously be writing… Seriously! But, if you’re like everyone else being asked to deliver more, better, quicker and cheaper, then we get it. That’s why we started looking at other ways to create learning content- quicker, better and cheaper. Can a diverse but unknown community of experts create or help others create superior learning content more efficiently compared to in-house or outsourcing?

After tons of tests with many failures and successes, we now know the answer is “Absolutely YES… if done properly”.

At LearnCreate, you have access to a global community of content professionals with proven skills. We help you host a design contest, where the community competes to give you the learning content you’re looking for.

Here’s what we learned:

1) Content sources and deliverables can be anything. We had one company come to us with material from an executive workshop and asked the community to turn this into a painting that would be hung in the executive’s offices. Word docs and recorded webinars are also popular sources for creating eLearning courses.
2) A detailed project brief is critical to getting quality results. The project brief is your way of telling the community what you want, so the more detail you put in here, the more closely aligned the submissions will be to your expectations. Be sure to explain how much creative freedom can be taken, any milestones that require your approval before advancing, and any corporate requirements such as branding and words per page requirements.
3) Balance the level of effort with the reward being offered. Even though you set the price that your willing to pay for services rendered when you launch a contest, “You get what you pay for” is just as true here as anywhere else. If you want the community to submit complete storyboards and screens as a condition of being considered, then you’ll need to “up the budget” quite a bit more than if you only want a high level concept and links to reference work done in the past. Just put yourself in their shoes and make it attractive for them to invest their time to compete for your business.
4) Curated contests will save you ten to twenty hours per project and remove any cultural barriers. If you’re not used to dealing with a global community of service providers competing or working on your project, a LearnCreate curator, or “Co-Pilot”, is absolutely required. They’ll work with you to suggest how to structure your contest so that the best elements come from the best people, and will manage the entire project from start to finish. Once you’ve done a few successful projects, you’ll be able to run your own without a problem.

This is just the beginning, and whereas point 1 talks about the diversity of content sources, points two through four will have a significant impact on the quality of your deliverables. If you keep these final points in mind, then the LearnCreate community can certainly help you get more done with less. Have you tried using the power of the crowd to create learning content?